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NEWS of the BILGRAM group

01.04.2021 – Bilgram Chemie is starting sales partnership with Vantage Leuna GmbH

21.05.2019 – Bilgram Chemie takes over GIRAL joint glues business from Gierse Handelsgesellschaft

Since May the company Bilgram Chemie GmbH has taken over the business field of GIRAL veneer splicing resins from the GIERSE Handelsgesellschaft mbH i.L..

Our range of adhesives is expanded and supplemented with the well-established and high-quality GIRAL veneer splicing resins from Gierse.

We look forward to supporting you with our professional team in the best possible way.

30.11.2018 – Celebrated jubilees

On the 30th of November we were celebrating our long-serving employees. We thanked to all of them – from working 10 years for the company to working 30 years for the company. We thanked for the operational readiness for many years and we are happy to congratulate to so many celebrating jubilees.

With a good traditionally german dinner in the Gasthof Hirsch we acclaimed the excellent cooperation. Overall five ten-year-jubilees, five 25-year-jubilees as well as four 30-year-jubilees were congratulated. One employee was retired.

We are pleased about the great solidarity and look forward to a continued longstanding and trustful collaboration.

13.10.2018 – Tools Night

We recorded a very successful participation at the tools bar exhibition on the 13th October 2018. The exhibition took place at the area of Bartmann and Scholz. Over 800 guests were informed about the actual researches and developments in the motor industry. The Bilgram group was represented with one booth and informed the customers about the latest innovations of care products.

Overall it was a very felicitous event where business interests were optimal combined with private pleasures.

12.10.2018 – SEPAWA Congress in Berlin

In this year we indicated with a double booth on the SEPAWA Congress – the trendsetting exhibition of detergents, cosmetics and perfume in Europe.

With over 150 lectures, 250 exhibitors and 3 000 participants the SEPAWA is the communication platform for experts in this branche par excellence.

Information about innovation in the detergents and cleaning branche as well as interesting customer and supplier contacts make the congress in Berlin to a special annual highlight.


We are very glad to receive the award “Innovative through research” from the Stifterverband for the german scientific.

Through research and development actions in the cleaning and adhesive field we developed a lot of new products in the last year. For this we created a new innovative adhesive to bond table tennis coverings. The substance of the innovation is a novel elastic varnish. If using this varnish the elasticity of the wood of the table tennis bat can be kept up. A hard rebound through the table tennis ball can be prevented and the ball buffer through the naturally elasticity of the wood. Spins and slashes can be performed very exactly.

Furthermore we develeped an adhesive free of solvents which is compatible bondind things to the skin like surgical stockings, tattoos and accessoires. Main component of this adhesive is water so he is very skinfriendly.

These and a lot of other new product innovations require a lot of equipment and manpower, which is awarded by the Stifterverband.

20.07.2018 – Summer Party

The annual summer party of the company took place in the middle of july.

It started with a KUBB-competition. This was a repetition from the last year. Because of bad weather conditions it couldn’t took place in 2017. The three winner teams were awarded with dinner coupons.

Summer sun and ice cream provided for a relaxed atmosphere.

A nice finale was the buffet with cold drinks and danicing music.

19.07.2018 – Second FUNCup in Friedrichshafen

Nearly 20 000 km distance covered 3 864 runners together. The FUNCup of the ZF in Friedrichshafen took place at the new exhibition area of the city.

From the Bilgram Chemie 15  participants reached the goal in a very short time. And in spite of  the high temperetures everyone could keep a cool head. Alltogether we ensured after the 5-km-walk for a great atmosphere.

After the event we are happy to forward the next FUNCup in 2019.

27.03.2018 – Award  for a honorary friendly employer for civil defence

The Bilgram Chemie GmbH received an award for the special support of the honorary post. The award was granted from the Ministerium für Inneres, Digitalisierung und Migration Baden-Württemberg on the 01. Dezember 2017.

Primarily the enable for all honorary engaged employees to act  in case of emergencies during working time is awarded by the Ministerium.

Thereby it is possible for the commander of the fire brigade of Ostrach, Eugen Kieferle (right in the picture) and the voluntary firefighters who are employed by the Bilgram Chemie to master disatrous  natural catastrophes, fire, traffic accidents and major accidants.

The award was given over from the mayor of Ostrach Christoph Schulz (in the picture on the left) to the directors Hugo Bilgram (in the picture on the left middle) and Michael Bilgram (in the picture on the right middle) on 27.03.2018.

19.03.2018 Antifreezecandles for vini-, pomi- and  berrycultures

Because of increasing springfrosts and the hereby increasing request for antifreezing in vini-, pomi- and berrycultures we decided to include antifreezecandles in our product portfolio.

Our antifreezecandle is produced by the BALTHASAR company in Hochdorf in Switzerland. The duration of burning is more than 10 h, the candle has no date of expiry, for this reason there is no problem to stock the candles. The delivery is carried out with Euro-palettes.

ZOW 2018 – We are exhibitor

For the first time we are an exhibitor at the ZOW in Bad Salzuflen – the exhibition for component suppliers for the furniture industry and interior construction.

Our specialist department for adhesives and dispersion are providing advise on booth 20.1, F19.

Celebration of jubilees 2017

We were celebrating our apprentices which were taken over as well as long-serving employees.

Especial gratulations were extended to the 10-years, 20-years and the 25-years jubilees. With mixed feelings we retired two of our employees. Thank you for the long and trustful collaboration.

SEPAWA 2017 – For the first time in Berlin

A big success was the SEPAWA congress for detergents, cleaning products, cosmetics and perfumes in europe. Our operating department for detergents and job-ordering presented the company for overall three days.
The new place of location in Berlin enables international business. So we can resume that we intesified and expanded our  international business connetions. Furthermore we can report that  embraced new strategic partners.

Visit us at 2018 at the SEPAWA.

It is a pleasure for us to provide advice from 10. – 12. Oktober at the booth B307 in the congress hotel Estrel in Berlin.